Styling Tips To Refresh your Wardrobe without shopping

Fashionable styling tips found at the 2016 designer fashion shows that will refresh your wardrobe now, without shopping any new clothes.

Sometimes, I look at my wardrobe, which you guessed right is full of clothes, and I feel so uninspired. I feel I need some new magic tricks to renew my everyday style without spending any more money.

Styling advice like how to flatter for your body type is useful but does it solve the “nothing to wear problem” ?

Find out some refreshing ways to dress fashionably and stylish. Get ready for a transitional season makeover!

Refresh your Wardrobe Styling Tricks

1. Reverse Layering

MSGM Spring 2016, Max Mara Spring 2016 reverse layering,  Refresh your Wardrobe

MSGM Spring 2016 (left), Max Mara Spring 2016 (right)

Reverse layering is a 1990s styling tip that made a huge comeback on the Spring Sumer 2016 runways.

How to do reverse layering?

3 ways to do inside-out layering:

1.  Slip dresses are returning to fashion so wear your old slip dress over a turtleneck. However, note that the knit has to be a very fine wool or cashmere in order not to look chunky and unflattering.

2. Wear your most flattering jeans and stack your camisole over your tee-shirt.

3. When layering t-shirts, you can wear a marinière-striped long-sleeved t-shirt underneath a short-sleeved t-shirt.

5 Pro Layering Essentials

1. A black turtleneck, preferably cashmere.

2. A button- down shirt you can wear under a wool top.

3. A striped t-shirt.

4. A slip dress

5. A tank top

2. 1990’s Denim Trend

denim-trend-Spring Summer 2016 runway

Before you do anything with styling the garments inside your wardrobe you have to do some organizing. I am sure you will find few items you totally forgot about.

Look for a pair of high waist mom jeans or a long skirt because the 1990’s denim trends are back. Dries Van Noten and Stella McCartney had a lot of denim pieces in their Spring Summer 2016 collections.

How to get your denim act together?

1. Wear feminine blue jeans dresses  with sneakers or boots.

2. Wear long denim skirts with a turtleneck sweater.

3. Get inspired by Alexander Wang’s Fashion Show and wear a mini denim skirt with a long coat or jacket over it.

4. Your jeans were too long? Don’t go to the tailor. Don’t have them hemmed!!! Even if they are wide. You can pull up the cuffs to new heights, right below the knee.


Have a lovely Day!!!

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