STYLE WATCH : Eye-Catching Cool Clogs!!!

I was looking for a new pair of clogs and I made a discovery I think is worth sharing. The Lulu Vibes clogs are so special. They combine individuality and elegance.

Founded in 2010, by Luisa Lange -all their friends call her Lulu- Lulu Vibes started off with the redesign of the the wooden Clog with the idea of unifying lots of contrasts in the traditional footwear and to bring origins of  nature as well as ever growing standards of the modernity in an eccentric symbiosis.


eccentric clogs Lulu vibes

Lulu Vibes Pink Clogs

Tiger Lulu Vibes Clogs
My favorite Tiger Clogs by Lulu Vibes

You can find them here

 They all include hand-made stitcheries and are made in Germany which demonstrates their emphasis on high quality standards.

 I love all the details!!!

Have a Lovely Day!!!


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