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Street Style- Cardigan Coat - TrendSurvivor

Street Style- The Cardigan Coat

Street Style Athens

Remember when I posted my friend Dania’s Rock Chic Look a few days ago, I told you she took street style pictures of me too. I was really excited I would have some photos in the centre of Athens, in Kolonaki because AF rarely goes downtown in the morning. The best boutiques like Louisa and restaurants like Capanna and Ratka are around this area, so make sure, you visit when you are in Athens. I was wearing a Rick Owens oversized asymmetric cardigan, that is so thick I wore it as a coat. I still remember how impressed I was when I saw the collection of the famous designer from Californian at Barney’s New York for the first time. I usually wear this chunky cardigan with a belt but this elastic Prada belt really makes me feel thin! The pants are the printed skinny leggings from Target, you have also seen here. According to Vogue ” The best armor for the season is not an all-weather jacket, but the fully functional and supremely stylish boot”. These black Acne Cypress ankle boots are amazing and they have the most comfortable high heels I have worn lately…

Rick Owens Jacket, Celine Bag, Street Style

Rick Owens Jacket, Celine Bag, Street Style

celine bag

Acne boots

Street Style 2

Street Style- The cardigan coat

I was wearing:

Cardigan Coat, Rick Owens. You can find similar here

Turtle neck top, Zara

Belt Prada

Sunglasses Celine Audrey. You can find here

Just don’t forget to add the special promo code LUX1237 only for TRENDSURVIVOR readers to get the extra 10% discount

Cypress ankle boots Acne. You can find here

Handbag Celine

Photos/ Dania (Stavraka)

Have a lovely Day!!!



Timeless black leather and suede Cypress Acne boots here

Acne boots 2 Collage

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  1. Yes! I have one Acne boots, and as you said, they have the most comfortable high heels in boots! And about the Celine bag, I am so wishing for a Mini/boston as well, any color recommendation? 😀

    1. I was wishing for the mini/boston too… because it is small I think it looks super cute in color or beige. When I saw at Selfridges last year a bright pink one I was obsessed but I think I would buy a muted color instead.

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