How to Steal Chip and Joanna’s Home Decor Style

With real estate inventory rapidly diminishing in cities like New York and Atlanta, homeowners are looking for creative ways to make their existing house a home of their dreams. According to Market Watch, the majority of home buyers did home improvements in their first year of purchase, indicating fixer-uppers are in high demand. Whether you’re a first- or second-time home buyer, choosing a fixer-upper may be the best way to get into the market without blowing through your budget.

Shows like “Fixer Upper” have put renovations on the forefront of interior designers minds with plenty of options to steal Chip and Joanna’s style. From new light fixtures to dazzling mirrors, here’s how to get the Fixer Upper look for your home.

Greenery-filled window boxes

Joanna’s green thumb radiates in every episode with plenty of plants and greenery both inside and outside the home. But you don’t need an affinity for gardening to pull off the same green charm. Instead, opt for greenery-filled window boxes. HGTV recommends spider plants in a rustic box that’s both eye-catching and low-maintenance.


How to Steal Chip and Joanna's Home Decor Style[br]

Pendant lighting

“Fixer Upper” Fans know Joanna loves pendant lighting that evoke rustic, romantic charm. Adding new light fixtures can make a big impact on your home and don’t have to cost a fortune. Look for rustic pendant lighting for your dining room or a smaller version for your master bathroom to add an elegant touch.

Mix of old and new

From vintage maps to antique books, Joanna has an eye for blending old-world touches with modern home renovations. The “Fixer Upper” team is also fond of floating shelves with a rustic finish. Line with antique books, shabby chic frames with family photos and vintage finds from your travels to showcase your signature style.

Magical mantels

Your mantel is prime real estate for inspired decorating, especially if wall and floor space proves limited. Get the “Fixer Upper” style with oversized candlesticks in pastel blue pillar candles, and a natural wreath that looks like you brought the outdoors in. Or place a mirror with copper vases of greenery situated in front of it to create the illusion of light and movement.

Dazzling mirrors

Even a windowless or dark room can feel sun-soaked with the help of a few mirrors. Chip and Joanna love opening up rooms with paned mirrors to reflect natural light from nearby windows and gives the illusion of a new window. Like the mantel idea, add copper planters and pots near the mirror to add more reflection.

Yard sale finds

Even a luxurious looking home can be done on the cheap with a “Fixer Upper” mindset. Source hot finds at yard sales and thrift stores, like old church pews that can be refinished and repurposed for an entryway bench. Or add it to a refurbished picnic table for a rustic dining room experience. Wooden ladders can also be repurposed with a mix of hanging baskets for linens and toiletries for inexpensive organizational for your bathroom.

There are plenty of ways to steal Chip and Joanna’s “Fixer Upper” home decor style, but spending a bundle doesn’t have to be one of them. Start with small touches that make a big difference like new light fixtures and look for free and inexpensive items you can repurpose along the way.

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