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statement mega earrings spring jewelry accessories

Statement Mega Earrings

One of the easiest ways to update your look is by adding trendy accessories. Statement mega earrings were allover the Spring 2017 shows.

It was all about the extra big, extra weighty earring!  Put your hair up when wearing a bagel-size hoop or leave it down.

Oh! and if your stylish shoulder dusters are too heavy … wear just one at a time like we have seen at Tibi and Monse or two different ones as we saw at J.W.Anderson.

Extra big earrings are the fastest way to a stylish trendy Spring style.

Delpozo mega earrings

Mega earrings Spring 2017

Statement Mega Earrings

Top image : Delpozo

First row : Gucci Byzantine style oversized earrings

Middle row : J.W. Anderson two different earrings (get here) and Tibi mono earring

Bottom row: Proenza Shouler, Rodarte and Monse.

Splurge : Statement hoop // Flaming Earrings // Chain earrings

Save : Circle long hoop // Flower drop // Faceted crystals


Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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  1. Enjoying looking through your blog. The big earring trend is visually striking, but I hope most of these are clip-ons!

    1. Thank you !
      I hope so too… maybe they have both…
      Love the prints 🙂
      xxx N

  2. Love the first image with the green beaded (?) earings. I wonder where they’re from… I used to have these beautiful ones from Liberty’s I think they were Oscar de la Renta. You have now reminded me with this post that I must find them! xxx

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