Spring Interiors 2014

Spring decor colors

Doesn’t time fly? Ready for Spring interior? It seems that spring is just around the corner or, at least, most of us are hoping that we can avoid the worst of the weather until April arrives. And of course, with the season that celebrates everything fresh and new, it’s time to take a look at the interior design trends that are set to burst into our homes over the coming months.

Primary VS Pastels

Paters and primary 2014 colors

Primary vs Pastel Why choose? This spring why not pair soft pastel colours with bold primary colours to create a dramatic contrast in your rooms. Go for mid-century design to add a little nostalgia and combine this with clean lined furniture to complete this artistic look.Primary and pastels dining room


curio shop home special lake

This trend has been building for a while and doesn’t seem to be going away very soon. Don’t worry about matching colours or design but go for handmade charm and a transient décor that is always in a state of change. Innocent and carefree, you can even buy that fox branded cushion to throw on your sofa.

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Defined Gradients

Use of colour has always been the interior designer’s greatest weapon. This spring, why not throw simplicity out of the window and create complex gradients that run from darker colours to lighter – or vice-versa. You can implement this technique on any wall or any piece of furniture to create a dynamic energy that will bring life to any room.

curio shop items elle dec

Color Clash

Color clash decor

Structured and architectural colour clashes also provide a large, if not migraine inducing, impact in any room. Try it in your bedroom and if it makes you a little uncomfortable you can always order one of these best rated mattress toppers to take the edge off.

color bedroom

designed by Chris Nguyen colorfull interior


tropicana wallpaperr

Tropicana Formal is out and Tropicana is definitely in this spring. Bright floral patterns and tropical birds will bring a bit of sunshine into your living room. Create your very own tropical paradise with these vibrant and edgy interiors.

Tropical decor paintings

Tropical garden home paintings

Photos © Elle Decor, Pinterest

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