Tattoo Artist Mike (right)
Tattoo Artist Mike (right)

Got my first tattoo yesterday!!! My serious tattoo that is! I waited for two months to get an appointment with Mike, a famous Greek tattooist who specializes in Japanese tattoos. I knew I wanted a a japanese style tattoo but what I didn’t know was I would have to be that big!!! Well, size matters… an original Japanese tattoo has to be bigger than I thought to … rock. I love it even though it is a bit swollen now … It will look perfect in 10 days…Oh did it hurt?  Listening to hard rock music inspired Mike and made my pain exciting and bearable. Stay tuned…

Studio Mike-Tattoo-Desk-the athens
Mike's Studio
My Tattoo-designs
My Tattoo-designs



Mike The Athens Tattoos
Mike Tattoos

You can find Mike here 

Have a lovely day!!!





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