Smart tips for spring cleaning your wardrobe

With the season of spring cleaning upon us, I gathered my favorite smart tips for a great closet clean out … because you do want to go shopping for new clothes… Right?

For new clothes and accessories to come in, some old ones have to go… I am sure for most of us this is a frustrating, time consuming procedure.


Spring cleaning your wardrobe


Spring cleaning your wardrobe to perfection

Start by pouring yourself a glass of wine… Really it helps…

Rule 1 : If you haven’t worn in the last 2 years you will probably never wear it says Julia Restoin Roitfeld, French art director and model daughter of Carine Roitfeld.

I must admit I do wear things I haven’t worn in years. It could be because I get something new and I start wearing things like my mother’s vintage Chanel coat or it could be because I have something that is fashionable again… Like my  Alaia clothes from the 90’s. But you would never get rid of Chanel or Alaia  anyway.

However, there are things you know you will never wear again.

If it’s been 2 years and it still has the price tag on it or if you can’t think of at least three ways to style it, it’s time to let go.

Get less emotionally attached to stuff

Try to think clearly when you do your closet Spring cleaning. If you bought an item on sale and it was too small you will probably not wear it…. Ever…

Keep the wardrobe staples 

Olivia Palermo’s staples are a leather pants and white chiffon shirts. Mine are skinny jeans, leather pants and biker jacket…


Lori Goldstein closet

I guess the Hermes bags of Lori Goldstein, Editor-at-Large, ELLE Magazine; Stylist; Author; Designer are keepers…

Be honest

Deal with your overflowing closet as it’s a cleanse and frankly answer the “Will I ever wear it?” question.

Divide and conquer

Prioritize! Organize everything into categories: toss, donate and sell

Use separate boxes for toss, donate and sell

Separate unwanted clothing into three piles: toss, donate, and sell. It’s easier to let go of clothing when you know that it’ll go to someone in need, or that you’ll be getting some money in return for guilt free shopping.

Do Spring Cleaning with a friend

It’s so much easier if you have someone to consult, even if it is just to clarify your thoughts.

Not to mention, you’ll probably have a lot more fun doing it.

Separating your clothes will help you identify what you need and create a wish-list which is really useful when you are shopping on sales.

Ask the 7 questions?

7 questions for Spring Cleaning

  1. Does this fit?
  2. Have I worn this in the last 12 months? Shhh I say 2 years…
  3. Is it likely I will ever wear this again?
  4. Is this currently in style and/or does this still accurately represent my style?
  5. If this is damaged in any way, will I actually make the effort to get it repaired?
  6. If I was shopping right now, would I buy this?
  7. Do I feel confident in this?

Keep what makes you happy

Marie Kondo, in her book  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing explains that the key is keeping only what brings you joy and getting rid of the rest of your belongings.


Are you ready for a great closet clean out? Do you have any smart closet cleaning tips?

Have a lovely Day!!!


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