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Smart Interior Design Ideas- The Bathroom - TrendSurvivor

Smart Interior Design Ideas- The Bathroom

Smart Interior Design Ideas- The Bathroom06

I have a new hobby of collecting images of interesting ideas for Smart Interior Design. I am always interested in home decor, I even had a column with a Greek weekly magazine at some point in my life.

In this post you can find inspiration for decorating your bathroom from celebrity homes photographs, images from Elle Decoration, Cote Maison, even from Pinterest and other blogs. Solutions for using space in a smart way in order to create a relaxed luxurious atmosphere with a relevantly low cost.

Use a wooden ladder for towels

actress Ellen Pompeo bathroom

In actress Ellen Pompeo’s bathroom the wooden ladder can be used for storing towels. The retro faucets with the minimal wooden shelves add a mix of contemporary with classic design that creates a unique atmosphere.

Build a glass shower inside a walk in closet


Love the smart idea filmmaker Michael Bay used in his Miami Beach home. Building a walk in closet and a glass shower in the same area saves space.

Free standing bathtubs and stylish faucets

Kohler Faucets and vessel sinks

Using a free standing bathtub, a vessel sink and Kohler Faucets in a white and brown bathroom looks luxurious. For a minimal, contemporary aesthetic, look for sleek faucets and accessories with fluid lines and a minimum of ornamentation. Kohler is a brand that offers products across all price points and a wide variety of incredibly stylish options.

Use a narrow sink and wall mounted faucets

Smart Interior Design Ideas- narrow Bathroom

I am totally digging dark brown colored bathrooms even when they are small. Using a narrow sink, mirrors and wall mounted faucets saves space and looks cool.

Creating extra storage space

Smart Interior Design Ideas- The Bathroom-storage space

Create extra storage space in front of a build in bathtub to store bathroom essentials in a modern way.

Use vessel sinks to update your bathroom style

Smart Interior Design Ideas- The Bathroom vessel sinks

Based on the centuries-old design of Chinese washbasins that where used before running water, vessel sinks are as contemporary as they are traditional. It is certainly a cutting-edge choice for your home that would update your bathroom when renovating.

Use raw concrete and pebble tiling

Smart Interior Design Ideas- concrete  Bathroom

Raw concrete and pebble tiling is an option used in luxury Greek Island villas. It has an industrial summer feel. I love it.

Under the stairs bath

Under the stairs bath


Use the space under the staircase for an under the stairs bath. A smart interior decoration idea for a guest bathroom.

Stay tuned creative design ideas for the bedroom, the living room, kitchen and garden will be coming up in future posts.

Photos © Elle Decor,  Cote Maison

Have a lovely Day!!!

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  1. We have a tiny understair cloakroom and love the pic of Loo and sink combo-could you tell me the make/brand name please
    All the best Joanna

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