Smart Find : New Cool Wooden Heel Black Leather Sandals


Cool Black leather Wooden Heeled sandals

Cool black leather and wooden-heeled sandals are a serious statement style this season.  I love them all, from Givenchy to Marni and from Chloe to Lanvin. They are are essential to creating chic warm-weather looks. Black leather sandals are sleek and sophisticated, plus they look good with everything from flirty skirts to cropped pants and lace shorts. My smart find is from Zara.. Check them out because they are a triple 3 C 🙂  Cheap- Cool-Comfortable!!!!

Chloe 2012

You can find it here

Lanvin Wooden Heels

You can find it here

Marni Wooden heels

You can find it here


You can find it here

Zara Wooden heels

 You can find it here

I don’t feel I have compromised I honestly love them too!!!

Have a Lovely day!!!



    1. I agree and my second best are the ones from Givenchy!!! Sales are coming soon…

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