Smart Find : Love Missoni Havaianas … Be Ready to click

Missoni loves Havaianas 2012

Be ready to click because in 2011, when Missoni designed Havaianas they where sold out within 24 hours after hitting the Havaianas website!!! This summer, the duo has teamed up once again and the Missoni design flip flops will be launched in June. Titled the Missoni ♥ Havaianas Collection, the range will feature unisex styles and is being billed as “eco-friendly.” The collection is made out of leftover rubber pieces from the manufacturing process, and the (no doubt zig-zaggy) packaging is made of recyclable material, too. Phase 2 of the Missoni ♥ Havaianas Collection will be available at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, all Missoni shops, and on Havaianas’ website. Fingers crossed I will get them this time online… Love it when my favorite designers… design for All…

Missoni love Havaianas will hit back
Missoni Love Havaianas coming soon

You can find them here

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