Smart Decor- Outdoor Home Decorating Ideas

Smart Deco-Outdoors easy DIY

I love interior design but nothing beats beautiful outdoor home decorating ideas now that the weather is warm. The perfect backyard garden decor ideas are inspiring even you want to decorate an apartment veranda. Easy DIY are a perfect way to spend Sunday in the city and get the whole family involved…

Easy DIY Outdoor Home Decorating Ideas- Hanging love couch

I want to include this hanging couch because I am sure many of you will figure out how to make it. It looks so stylish.

outdoor hanging couch

DIY- Modern Bird Feeders

Bird are so cute to watch and this bird feeder DIY from the Design Sponge blog is easy. You will just need a few old light globes..ah and a tree…

Design Sponge-outdoor-project-turn-an-old-light-globe-into-a-modern-birdfeeder
DIY- Palettes for Herb Garden

Palettes are so easy to find and they look really look cool if you turn them into shelves for plants. You can have fresh herbs with this super easy DIY that saves patio space by creating a unique vertical herb garden. Detailed instructions- DIY Showoff

vertical herb garden palletes

Photos © Design Sponge, DIY Showoff

Have a lovely Day!!!

    1. I have the links of the instructions inside the post. (I just underlined them too)

  1. There is something so satisfying to create a relaxing outdoor space. I love the hanging couch and could just imagine reading book there.

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