Smart Deco- Vintage Typesetter Tray for Jewelry Storage

Vintage Typesetter Tray for Jewelry

I am constantly on the search of finding creative ways for jewelry storage. My latest smart decor idea is using an antique wooden vintage typesetter tray for jewelry storage and home decoration.

Vintage Typesetter Tray on shelf

I bought my vintage printer’s tray at an antique shop in Paroikia, Paros Island, Greece this summer, even though I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. Finally, I decided to hang it on the wall in my bedroom in order to arrange my semiprecious and fashion jewelry. It is so much more practical than the small glasses vases I use in my bathroom. Plus, I can enjoy them even when I don’t wear them.

Antique Vintage Wooden Typesetter Tray

Using a vintage printer’s tray is a perfect way to get rid of the tangled mess of bracelets and necklaces.

(You can buy an Authentic Vintage Typesetters Tray from Amazon here)

silver jewelry  Vintage Typesetter Tray

Silver rings by Greek Jewelry designer Thomas (above) and Christofle Jewelry (below)

( You can find similar herehere, herehere and here)

If you visit Paros you can get it at Antiques Paros Yvonne

tel: +30-2284-021909

jewelry in vintage tray

Tendsurvivor Vintage Typesetter box with Jewelry

Photos © me (Trend Survivor), Pinterest

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