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Seven Smart Deco Ideas - TrendSurvivor

Seven Smart Deco Ideas

flowers in a jar

I love home decor DIY projects… easy and inexpensive ones, I mean. One of my favorites is painting a table on the wall and adding a shelf to create the illusion of a retro chic table. Using magazines as a base for a coffee table is a cheap and chic all time classic.

Check out 7 original ways of giving a new look to your home.

1. Painted Table

Table Ideas


2. Magazines Coffee Table

Philip Karlberg for ELLE INTERIOR.

3. Bed and Sofa for small spaces

bed small space

4. Table on oversized wheels

Table on wheels5.  Cupboard Bed for small spaces

Cupboard bed for small spaces

5. Pegboard modern headboard Bed Idea


6. Modern lamps

Modern lamps-Workshop-United-States-Soma-Architects-2-600x398.jpg.pagespeed.ic.fhSaHkj6N2

7. Add a hanging chair in your bedroom

Smart Deco Ideas


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