Smart Deco- Four Unexpected Storage Ideas

DIY lader storage

Time for smart home decor storage ideas post with three unexpected ideas to hang your clothes in style.

1. DIY Ladder Wardrobe Storage Ideas

Would you have thought of using two ladders to create a DIY ladder wardrobe? I found this amazing do it yourself wardrobe at A pair & a spare blog and thought I will inspire you. I love that she used a paint stained ladder and created a shabby chic storage space.

DIY ladder wardrobe

You will need the following items:

  • A wooden ladder – Hong Kong has these kinda vintage looking ladders in every hardware store – the older and more battered the better which is why we used the one that was left over.
  • A wooden dowel – mine was from a simple broomstick and measured about 1.5m (60 inches)
  • Two pine planks measuring 1.5m (60 inches).
  • Two round pipe brackets the same size as your pole
  • A drill and long screws

DIY ladder Wardrobe instructions

DIY ladder clothes

For more detailed instructions go over to

2. Wooden pallet for storage ideas

For some reason wooden pallets are inspiring! I found some good ideas that are made by reusing pallets. 

wooden pallets for hanging

3. Painted Pallets for a coat rack

Even though I love the previous idea for it’s simplicity I like the painted one with the hangers especially for a kid’s room.


4. Tree Branch Coat Rack

Make a stylish coat rack by using a tree branch and rope or a chain. Natural materials look so special. Any fallen tree branch can add some charm to your hallway decor and become a quite practical item. Adding charm and storage with a painted branch is super easy!


coat rack tree branch

Images- a pair and a spare, houseandhome, pinterest

Have a lovely Day!!!


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