Smart Deco- See the Big Picture

Smart Deco- Living room 1960s refreshed

Smart Deco- The big Picture bedroom

Smart Deco- The big Picture Antonio Morra Living room

Smart Deco- Big painting entrance

Smart Deco-Shabby Chic bedroom

Smart Deco- The big Picture bedroom

Smart Deco- The big Picture, bathroom

I love the strong impact of the big picture creations of artist Antonio Mora and the shabby chic vintage interior decoration. The space looks interesting and stylish. The oversized painting in the bathroom is one of my favorites.

Antonio Mora is a Spanish experienced creative artist with an extensive career like designer and art director. He describes himself as someone who makes cocktails, realizes from images found in blogs, magazines, and fusing them together, works of great forcefulness and expressive force that do not leave anybody indifferent.

What I personally think is a smart deco idea is using a big, I mean, really big picture you like to make your home decoration special.

Home Decoration 13 Stylish Favorites

Photos © Antonio Mora

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