Skopelos- Summer Whites Port View

Skopelos, White Cover up summer dress, Prada bag

Skopelos is a Greek Island in the western Aegean sea but Skopelos is also the name of the main port and the municipal center of the island where my father took, for the first time, my outfit pictures. A wonderful experience!!! It was just before we went to dinner to a magical place called Agnondas where the trees touch the sea. I was wearing a white top, that looks like a dress, white Abercrombie shorts and my turquoise Banana Republic flat sandals that matched exactly the turquoise color of my Prada backpack. As you can imagine the photo shoot was fun and we tried it again the next day at the beach. Stay tuned.

Skopelos Town

Chloe Sunglasses

Skopelos houses sea

Prada Handbag Banana Republic Sandals

Skopelos View

Prada Blue Backpack window

Skopelos, Houses

Skopelos, White Cover up summer dress,

 White Top Magic Woman

Denim Shorts Abercrombie and Fitch

Aviator sunglasses Chloe

Turquoise Banana Republic Sandals

Turquoise Prada Backpack

Photos- NGP

 Have a lovely Day!!!



  1. These pictures are lovely, it looks like such a beautiful place to be! Love what your wearing, adore the colour of backpack!! 🙂

    Take care, Daniella xox

    1. Thank you sweetie! It seems I have bought many things in turquoise over the years 🙂
      Skopelos is amazing, but if you have seen the movie Mama Mia you know it already!

  2. I love your blog!! Thanks for sharing such beautiful places and your fashion choices. Beautiful white dress btw.

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