Skopelos | Stylish Black Rodios pottery

Rodios black ceramic bracelet- rodios pottery

This is a tip from my mom…

My mother introduced me to the work of the world renowned Greek Rodios pottery. She came over for lunch a few weeks ago and brought me these unique black Nikos Rodios ceramic bracelets.

Niko’s grandfather, was the founder of the Rodios pottery family of Skopelos Island back in the 1920s.

The type of pottery the family creates has deep roots because they are following the same technique as the Ancient Greek Potters of Athens and Corinth in the 4th-5th BC.

The Rodios potters have been awarded many awards and medals for their creations. The walls of the gallery/shop has many framed certificates from some of the great European Trade Expositions of the 30’s and 40’s.

If you visit Skopelos, the famous Greek Island in the Sporades make sure you check this out!

The black clay designs look incredible!

Rodios pottery

Rodios pottery


Rodios pottery family 1920s

Images- kikigronielsen, Trend Survivor

Stylish Black

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  1. Love the red,gold and black combination on the bracelet–what an exciting family history! I always had an interest with working with clay…I wish I had the opportunity back in the days. A Rodios pottery maybe the next souvenir I will welcome into my nest with my next adventure to Hellas.

  2. Interesting to read the story behind these beautiful pieces. The candlestick is so sleek and stylish and those bracelets are so different too.

  3. These are really beautiful designs, I love that bracelet with the black clay and pop of red. I hope to return and check it out sometime soon!

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