Skopelos- Panormos To Agnondas… A Magical Experience

Agnondas, Port, Beach, Skopelos The thorn of Jerusalem

Wearing the casual white outfit you saw in the previous post and with my camera ready to shoot, we went to dinner, with my parents to the best fish restaurant in Skopelos called Pavlos. It is located in a magical place, Agnondas, where the trees touch the sea and you can have dinner on the beach. The lobsters are cooked live, I know it sounds cruel but lobsters taste amazing only when they are fresh and they are fresh only when they are moving. The service is slow but who cares. Enjoy the view…

Skopelos, Panormos

Panormos, Skopelos

On our way to Agnondas we passed from Panormos Beach… I could not resist to the beauty of the scenery so, we stopped and here are the pictures.

Skopelos, Panormos, yachts

Panormos, Skopelos, Yachts

Panormos, Skopelos white wall

Skopelos, Agnondas

Skopelos Agnondas

Agnondas, fishnets

Lobster eyes


Kaiki, Agnondas, Skopelos

Agnondas, Sunset

Agnondas, Skopelos, chair

 Have a lovely Day!!!



  1. You must know how lucky you are to be able to just take a ride to some of the most beautiful places in the world… So lucky 🙂


    1. I am lucky it is true… Greece has amazing natural beauty and nothing is too far away!

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