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Forget the rules and go for some shopping therapy online for fun fashion trends, that speak to your heart and feel good. Even though I declare to be a Trend Survivor I like to wear fun staff  that appeal to my senses and maybe not to my chic style aesthetic. If it feels good I go for it. That is why I got the Charlotte Olympia kitty cat slippers. What we wear projects a specific image but sometimes personally I really don’t care. Enjoy a bit of fashion fun stuff  from the Givenchy Disney bambi print bag to a pair of reasonably priced leopard boots that could make your day.

Fur coat green-Shopping Therapy- Fun Fashion Trends

Valentino_bag_ mouse hat- Fun Fashion Trends

Fun Fashion Trends

Do you follow fun fashion trends?

Have a lovely Day!!!

  1. Admittedly i’m not as adventurous as i once was with trends… i usually stick to a uniform and then update a few pieces every season. I used to be much more bold in my early 20s! And i totally agree with you: i think people should wear whatever makes them feel good! If something doesn’t feel right on you, you feel it immediately. There are certain trends that i love but i know would never wear them. That doesn’t mean i don’t appreciate them though! Oh and those camo Supergas are the bomb!!! LOVE!


    1. I always wear what I feel like wearing … Fashion is fun… sometimes I think in comparison I am more adventurous now in my outfits.

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