How to shop a Maison Michel hat online

How to shop a Maison Michel hat online

How to shop a Maison Michel hat online Andre Nina Papaioannou

How to shop a Maison Michel hat online and get the right size and style?

My favorite two styles are the Andre and Virginie. I believe they suit everyone…

I know shopping online can be frustrating when you don’t know the sizes in the specific brand you want.

Which was exactly my case when shopping for my Andre Maison Michel hat.

I had no clue what was the right size and style… However, the trick is to measure the largest part of your head and shop accordingly.

The biggest selection of Maison Michel hats at the moment online is at Selfridges.

Maison Michel’s much-coveted Andre fedora hat is crafted in the finest fur felt, offering a luxury look. The grosgrain band with metal ‘M’ detail and gunmetal trim at the front offset your look with a modern edge, whilst tapping into a timeless Parisian-inspired look.

Nina Papaioannou TrendSurvivor How to shop a Maison Michel hat Andre grey

In the pictures, I am wearing Andre Maison Michel fedora in grey which is sold out but blue is a great option too.

Also, I love the Red Andre Maison Michel at Browns

No more bad hair days for me 🙂

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Photos © Maria Zerva

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