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Shoes Trend Alert // Sock booties ankle boots and kitten heels

Shoes Trend Alert // Sock booties and kitten heels


illustration shoes

Sketch by Gattobravo Miao

I thought I could easily choose my top ten “it” sock booties and stretch kitten heels ankle boots for Autumn-Winter 2017-18 and share them with you.
But with so many amazing choices at every price range, my list is longer than that.
How many shoes would I buy if I had an unlimited budget? Me? A lot !!!

Sock booties…

Thanks to Balenciaga‘s and Vetements designer Demma Gvasalia we have a new fashionable word for ankle boots this year.

Luckily, I did find a pair I have from the 90’s ..  However, there is a difference in the boot hight.  If you have too, you can wear them with kick flares jeans and pants because no one can see they are knee hight. 🙂

Creating a fashionable stylish outfit depends mainly on accessories so shoes are making the modern sophistication statement…. Again…

10+ best Sock Booties and Kitten Heels

spandex stocking-boots and medium heel shoes for every budget…

 Balenciaga sock stretch boots 795 euro // Burgundy stretch boots Asos 54 euro // Stuart Weitzman suede sock booties 595 euro

Blue velvet Aquazzura boots 529 euro

Bargain : H&M leather sock ankle boot $69.99



Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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