If the Shoe Fits: Tips and Tricks for Shoe Storage

Every girl knows there’s no such thing as having too many shoes…that is until you realize you’ve got to have a place to store them all! So what’s a girl to do? Well unless you’re a millionaire and have a walk in closet (in our dreams!) you might want to invest in some storage solutions to keep your shoe collection in check. Here’s an outline of some tips and tricks to keep things organized, that way you won’t feel an ounce of hesitation the next time you want to scoop up a new pair of kicks!

shoe storageTake Inventory:
Whether you have 20 or 200 pairs, make sure to gather them all up in one place. Gather them all from under the bed, in your car, under the coffee table, so on and so forth. Now that you’ve got ‘em all in one place you can get an idea of how much space you’ll need for organizing.

Pair Down:
We know one of the hardest things to part with is a well-loved pair of shoes. But honey, those scuffed up stilettos and worn through sandals aren’t doing anyone any favors! Since you’ve already got them all in one place, now is a good time to dispose of (or donate!) those pairs that are a little too well-worn or the ones you know have been gathering dust in the back of your closet. Share the love and send them off to a new home!

Create a system of organization for your shoes that makes sense for you! You can sort your shoes by most to least worn, which means your fave sneakers and go-to stilettos may end up side by side. Aesthetic? No. Functional? Yes! And that’s really the whole point of this! Other organizational options are: sorting by style – ie heels, sneakers, sandals, etc are each grouped together and easy to grab based on the occasion, or color coordinating so you can easily match your shoes to your ‘fit! Keep in mind color organization may not be best if all your shoes are the same color (searching through a sea of black shoes is no easy feat)! You can also try out each method over time to see what works best. You might even find a combination of sorting by style and color may work best – don’t be afraid to switch things up to find the best option for you!

Alright, we’ve wrangled the shoes, paired them down, organized them, now WHERE do we put them? If you’ve got limited space, investing in a cute piece of furniture might be a good option to effectively organize all your shoes, save space, and keep them organized. Here are some simple solutions ranging from budget-friendly to boujee!
Hanging: Boot hangers are a great way to keep your shoes organized, while keeping them off of the floor and maintaining their shape. You can also use empty paper towel holders or rolled up magazines to keep them upright on the floor – because no one likes to see their prized pair of boots all crumpled up and sad in the bottom of their closet!
Boxes: You can store shoes in the boxes they came in or buy cute patterned one’s. This makes them easy to stack and keeps less worn pairs free of dust! If you’re feeling extra, you can take photos and attach them to the front of the box, so you can easily pick out the pair you want to wear without rummaging through every single box.

Lulus Tip: Snap your shoe shots using a polaroid or instax camera for instant pics, then attach with cute washi tape! If you’re feeling fancy, you can invest in clear Lucite boxes as a chic way to store your faves and put them on display.
Storage benches: If you’ve got the space, a storage bench or ottoman is a great option that holds all your shoes as well as a place for you to sit when you are putting your shoes on. Placing it by the door allows for easy changes on the go. If you need to store a large number of shoes, you can nestle two ottomans below an entryway table and pull them out when you want to change shoes or put them away for the day.
Shelving: For all the true shoe lovers, this is the best way to store your shoes while still showing them off! You can install your own custom shelving or just use an old bookshelf for a creative way to display all your shoes for easy viewing and access. The great thing about this option is you can mix and match shoes with purses, jewelry, fashion books, and other fun accessories to create a display of your own personal style!

Organizing your shoes can be a quick and fun project that’s easy to do and instantly improves any space! Not only will it help you keep your closet organized, perfect shoes to go with your cocktail dress for your next girls night out!

Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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