Shades of Black Suede and a Touch of Green

Trendsurvivor Nina fashion and style blogger and Oliver (Dog)

A ladylike, rock inspired, outfit in all shades of black suede leather and a touch of green is what I wore to the H&M fashion party. I love my clothes and even though, I enjoy shopping, what makes me really happy is combining my new purchases with items I already have in my closet. The older the better. Creating fashionable outfits with what I own is my goal, mainly, because I want to wear everything I love as much as possible. When I shop expensive items, I am thinking, will it be relevant in 10 years? Will it age well? Each item in this outfit is special! Teaming the black studded suede leather Preen top with the matching suede legging is a an outfit I wear every year since 2008 with different accessories. It was the year the world went to recession and I was in London on sales. I have never seen so many amazing garments in such low prices… I guess stores didn’t foresee the financial crisis and they had a lot of stock left. It was that January in London, I got the Marni boots from Harrod’s and a lot of amazing things from Harvey Nichols like these suede sky high suede Alexander McQueen peep toe shoes! Among my super luxurious acquisitions where, also, these Preen black suede leather totally versatile garments. In order to give my leather look a dramatic twist I added my new green mirrored aviator RayBan sunglasses which I love ever since I saw them on Elena Perminova and a biker suede leather jacket by Helmut Lang. You Like?

Rayban green mirror sunglasses, Oliver, shades of black suede leather outfit

A touch of green: my sunglasses and the… plants!!!

Rayban, Oliver, black leather Preen outfit

Dog Oliver, black leather Alexander McQueen shoes

Salvatore Ferragamo black suede clutch

Oliver, black leather shoes

Rayban, Oliver, black leather outfit

AF and Trendsurvivor Aviator Rayban green

Alexander McQueen suede shoes

Rayban Dog Oliver

Oliver dog aviator green sunglasses

Rayban green mirror sunglasses, Oliver, shades of black suede leather outfit

 I was wearing:

Sunglasses RayBan aviator green mirror.  You can find here 

 Leather jacket Helmut Lang. You can find here and  here

Leather suede studded top Preen

Leather suede leggings Preen. You can find similar here

Shoes Alexander McQueen. You can find similar here

Handbag suede clutch Salvatore Ferragamo

Photos AF

Have a lovely Day!!!


    1. Oliver, looks like a puppy but he is one year old now and he is so dam cute 🙂

  1. Nina, geia sou koritsara mou!!!! Mou aresei poli to kainourgio look tou BLOG sou, kai esi eisai PIO OMORFI apo pote!!!!!! Latrepsa auto to total black look, ta shoes sou einai apla TELEIA!!!!
    Eisai kouklara, nice HAIR!!!!

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