Seven secrets to dress well on a budget


Seven secrets you need to know on how to dress well without spending a fortune on designer garments.


styling on a budget -perfect closet,Seven secrets to dress well on a budget

I am sure all of you will agree with me that if you have a sense of style you can easily dress well spending a fortune on high quality designer clothes and shoes. However, spending a fortune on clothes when you are on a budget makes no sense.

I love fashion but I don’t love overspending to be fashionable even though I admit sometimes I do.

Tips and tricks for dressing well on a budget


1. Organizing your closet

Organizing your closet according to color and type of garment will help you know exactly what you have as well as help you spot what you need for the coming season. Identifying the new season trends – The 9 must-have pieces for Fall 2015 should help- and shopping the key pieces that will transform your wardrobe is key.

closet organizing

2. Shopping on sale

I have build my wardrobe shopping a lot of my designer items on sales. However, there are online shops like The Outnet and Nordstrom Rack which have bargains all year round. Discount stores are the best place to get classic garments and pieces from the brands you know and love.

Celine red bag

3. Shopping pre-loved

For me this is a newly discovered way of shopping. I started buying pre-owned, when I collaborated with the Material Wrld Luxury Fashion Trade-In. It makes sense to recycle your wardrobe by selling your clothes and doing some guilt free shopping. Many of the items are new or almost never used. I prefer those to be honest. Remember the amazing Valentino Tango pumps I got last season.

I am loving pre-owned fashion at Vestiaire Collective at the moment. I want to find a Goyard St. Louis shopping tote. Did you know Goyard was founded in 1853, one year before competitor Louis Vuitton? It has long history of award-winning luggage and is naturally overpriced.

4. Investing on the Classics, Saving on Trendy Items

I get most of my trendy items from Zara, Mango and Asos. I like to buy two-three high quality, full price shoes and bags each season. Usually, I get items that never go on sale or the ones that I know will sell out. I am investing on the Aquazzura Christy pointy flats this year.

But when it comes to items that won’t last for more than a season or two, such as cropped tops, or floral 1970s dresses that look fresh now but will look dated next year, I see no reason to pay full price.

wardrobe essentials

5. Shopping Your Own Closet

This is my favorite secret to being stylish on a budget. Naturally being a 40+ fashion blogger obsessed with clothes since… forever helps. I have a lot of hidden treasures inside my wardrobe but I am sure you have too. Styling your clothes in new ways is a must and following style blogs and outfit posts can be inspiring.

Going shopping in your own closet can be lots of fun when you know what you are looking for.

6. Use a Seamstress

Back in the seventies, I remember my mom had a seamstress that would come to our house stay all day and alter some of our clothes. These days, seamstresses seem to be an endangered species, but you can find shops that do this.

7. Wearing Black

Wearing black is supposed to be the big secret. Even though it started with Coco Chanel’s little black dress the famous LBD, Sophia Lauren in her book “Women and Beauty,” explains about her early days that “In order to have something to wear in those early days in Rome, something that would cost practically nothing and could be worn all day long and into the evening, and on every sort of occasion, I took my clothes, my navy skirt and white blouse, and dyed them black. Even my handkerchief became black. It was the only way I could think of to provide a versatile wardrobe at no cost. And it worked. I could go anywhere in my black clothes, and the simplicity of my appearance was very elegant.”

Do you have tips on dressing well on a limited budget?

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