Serifos- Pebble Beach and Summer Colors

Serifos, Beach, pebbles, Chloe sunglasses, Greece

Serifos, isn’t as famous as other Cycladic Islands like Mykonos and Santorini but as you will see it is very beautiful too. I was wearing a long cotton orange top as a summer dress and my fluorescent green bikini. It was extremely hot and the sun was so strong I took off my hat just for the pictures!


Serifos, pebbles

swim suit green

Pebbles, Beach, Serifos

Serifos, sailing boat, sea
Serifos, Beach, Greece orange dress blue sea

pebbles, underwater, sunbeams

Serifos, beach,orange dress

Pebbles, underwater,Serifos, Beach, Greece

Tattoo, Serifos, Beach, Greece

bracelet, coral, flower silver

Serifos, Beach, Greece pebbles, orange dress

Asymmetric Orange Top FP-Beach by Free People similar here

Sunglasses Aviator Chloe

Bracelet Liberty’s London, similar designers  here

 Have a lovely Day!!!



    1. Greece has the most amazing beaches.. wish you will be able to come back soon 🙂

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