Selecting Women’s Necklaces- What Every Fashionable Woman Needs to Know

Selecting Women’s Necklaces- What Every Fashionable Woman Needs to Know

In some cultures, necklaces were a sign of achievement and high office. Even today, ornate, statement necklaces are worn by kings, queens, and people of high status. The modern woman, however, adorns her neck with different types of necklaces for work, weekend and special occasions.

Use this jewelry buying guide to learn about the various types of necklaces available, their typical lengths and practical tips for styling and wearing them.

Necklace Styles and Lengths

The jewelry trade has particular names for different necklace lengths. The 5 popular styles of necklaces include:

1.      Choker: This is a 14 to 16-inch necklace that falls at the hollow of the throat or just beneath it.

2.      Princess: This necklace is 16 to 20 inches.

3.      Matinee: This 20 to 26-inch necklace pairs well with a choker.

4.      Opera: This 28 to 36-inch length is about twice the size of a choker necklace.

5.      Rope: This 40-inches-plus necklace is much longer than the opera-length necklace.


necklace measure

Other terms used to describe necklaces include:

1.      Dog Collar: A multi-strand, choker necklace that is clasped together at the back of the neck with a single clasp.

statement chocker bibbest-of-oscars-2014-jewelry-trends

2.      Bib: A necklace comprised of three or more concentric strands.

Lariat- bead style pearl  necklace

3.      Lariat: A chain or cord of pearls or beads that have a pendant or tassel at both ends. A lariat can be worn as a belt because it does not contain a clasp.

4.      Sautoir: This necklace is often adorned with a tassel or pendant and is similar in length to a rope necklace.

5.    Straight-Line: Also known as a riviere necklace, this necklace looks like a tennis bracelet — and is made only of gemstones, typically diamonds.

6.      Station necklace: A chain that has a gemstone or pearl bead that occurs at regular intervals along the necklace.

Torsade necklace

7.      Torsade: A multi-strand necklace formed by twisting alternating strands together.

Princess D uniform strand pearls

8.      Uniform strand: This necklace features pearls and beads that are all about the same size.

graduated pearls

9.      Graduated strands: Strands of beads or pearls of different sizes that gradually get bigger towards the center.

10.   Statement or fancy necklace: This piece of jewelry is not a typical choker or collar necklace. A statement necklace features unusual colors, shapes or chains.

stacking necklaces

How to Shop For and Wear Your Necklaces

When building a wardrobe of necklaces, it is important to know what to splurge on and what to save on. In fact, you should not spend all of your cash on trendy fashion jewelry. Other items, though, such as pearl necklaces or a diamond tennis bracelet are worth investing in.

For example, a pearl necklace is useful to dress up your casual dresses for more fancy occasions, such as a Sunday brunch with friends or a religious event.

If you do not invest in a pearl necklace this season, you can add a silver or gold chain, a long string of black cording and a medium-length gold or silver chain to your wardrobe. You can wear these necklaces with a business suit for day or a simple strapless black dress for evening.”

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