Second Day Hair Party Hairstyles Easy Tutorial

Last Minute Party Hairstyles Easy Tutorial

I am searching for stylish easy party hairstyles tutorials you can do at home with your second (third) day hair.

How to do last minute second day hair party hairstyles

1. Updo with flower accessory

I love this last minute party hairstyles tutorial updo with the red flower accessory because it looks elegant and festive.

You will need:


rubber band

flower or a hair accessory

This last minute party hairstyle is  for medium and long size hair.

1.  Use a comb to divide your hair into three sections and ensure there’s one strand left on every facet of your head.

2. Stable them with hairpin and tie the hair behind your head right into a excessive ponytail.

3. Pull the rubber band a bit backward in order that the ponytail can also be looser. Use your hand to make a gap within the space of the again facet of your head.

4. Put the ponytail into the opening gently in order that all of the hair can also be hidden completely. The ponytail must no longer be goodbye that it can’t be hidden smartly. For this reason we advise you’re making this coiffure with medium lengthy hair extensions.

5. Then it’s time to twist the left two sections. Divide the strand in a single facet into two components and for the up part, divide it into two even elements and twist them.

6. While you’re twisting, needless to say so as to add extra hair into one facet similar to the French braid. After you end the one aspect, maintain twisting as sooner than within the different facet.

7. Steady your updo with bobby pins and in the event you like, that you can select so as to add a flower or different gorgeous equipment.

Last Minute Party Hairstyles Easy Tutorial 1

Last minute second hair party hairstyles

2. Side Updo With a Twist

hairstylist Kate Bryan tutorial party hair

Hairstylist Kate Bryan recommends to use dry shampoo for the  desired messy effect.

You can spritz dry shampoo or a texture spray around the bottom of your hair. Fluff your hair with your fingers.

Watch the Last Minute Party hairstyles Video


PS. Shhhh….I always use dry shampoo….

Thank you for reading!!!

Have a lovely Day!!!


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