Searching for the perfect pair of white jeans


perfect pair of white jeans


I was on a mission last week to  find the perfect pair of white jeans that would travel with me all summer. Girlfriend, boyfriend or skinny?

It’s this time of year that I just need a new white denim pants. One that would be light enough for summer but not too light to show every imperfect detail… You probably know what I mean …

I went to Fashion Valley Mall, near La Jolla and tried every pair from the Gap girlfriend to the coveted sold out in many shop J Brand.

Following yesterday’s post I know that skinny jeans are the best for my apple shape figure.

So, I shopped everywhere from Nordstrom, to Gap, to Bloomingdales… and here are my favorite three:


perfect pair of white jeans instagram


1. J Brand 

9326 Crop Jeans Demented (White Distressed)

Fits true to size as always but the sateen fabric is relatively thin which is good and bad.

It can be worn when it’s really warm but you need to be fit to pull it off.

2. DL 1961 Emma

This celebrity favorite is figure flattering. I tried both white distressed styles.  Azalea is better for pear shaped figure and Emma for apple shape.

Nice fabric and fits true to size. However it might be too warm for a hot summer day.

3. 1969 Gap girlfriend

1969 Gap jeans comes in regular, tall and petite. Perfect if you are looking for a relaxed fit. It is like broken in skinnies…  Fits true to size. Gap jeans tend to stretch more than other brands but you want that with this type of denim.

 I got 2 and 3



TOP 11



Have a lovely Day!!!

    1. I understand skinny can be tricky… but girlfriend white jeans easy to match ….
      xxxx <3 N

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