Santorini Perivolas Suites Dream Hotel in Oia

Santorini Perivolas Suites hotels swimming pool girl


I can tell you, without a doubt that Santorini Perivolas Suites, is one of the best luxury laidback hotels in Oia, even though, I haven’t been in this magical Mediterranean Island since I finished high school, which was years ago.

Many of my friends have stayed there and I have seen the breathtaking pictures. Perivolas Suites, is located in Oia. It was originally designed as a family home and it still feels like a private residence.

Every house is different, built by native craftsmen using local materials to embody Cycladic style, with its organic forms and smooth surfaces. Breezy rooms are naturally cooled by sculpted stone walls and vaulted ceilings pierced by skylights. Beds are built into snug alcoves, adorned with a posy of hand-picked flowers.

I am in love with the niches and archways scooped out of whitewashed walls and low-slung sofas at the Santorini Perivolas Suites. Nothing is superfluous, yet nothing has been overlooked. It is my dream destination, the perfect place for reading, recharging, relaxing, dreaming and… blogging.

You have to check out this wonderful hotel even just to browse at the amazing pictures of Greek Island interior decoration ideas and incredible views!


Santorini Perivolas Suites


 See more pictures and info about Perivolas Suites here

 Have a lovely SunDay!!!

    1. A dream hotel in a magical Island. Perivolas Suites has the most amazing view of Santorini.

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