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hip knits blanket

Hip knits designed Grace Samodal

I made lots of amazing new friends this time in La Jolla. You have seen the posts of stylish Natasa (here and here).

Today, I want to tell you about Grace and Caio’s fun dinner parties at Doug and Margie’s home in La Jolla and their interesting friends! I knew all about Australian hospitality from Doug and Margie, who invited me and my sister Yanna in their amazing home in Sydney, Australia. (Relevant post here.)

However, my new Australian friend Caio and Grace from San Diego are equally giving and warm. Grace is super smart, interesting and artistic. She invited us for dinner more than once but one night I met three young designer entrepreneurs. Lauren Hong who makes stylish clutches and Nick Stewart who creates fundraising apparel. Oh! I forgot to tell you Grace is a designer too.

Grace Samodal besides creating a wonderful atmosphere at her dinner parties she makes the most amazing guacamole ( I will email her for the recipe) and she knits extraordinary blankets perfect for stylish shabby chic homes. You can find them in her online store called Anthology Collection.

jewelry Anthology collection

Jewelry from the Anthology collection designed by Anna Marquez

Knitted blanket

hip knits from the Anthology collection designed Grace Samodal

Hip knits from the Anthology collection designed Grace Samodal

Nick and Sara Stewart create fundraising apparel. Their website called Cause Ignitor is a social enterprise that is dedicated to raising awareness and funding for great causes across the globe.

t-shirts with a causeT-shirts with a purpose by Fashion Director Sara Stewart

Lauren Hong creates story telling clutches because she uses unique materials from all over the world. Her online store is Lauren Olivia Co . A more detailed post about her work is coming up tomorrow.

Lauren Hong clutches

Photos ©  Anthology collection, Cause Ignitor, Lauren Olivia Co

Have a lovely Day!!!


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