So so so SAD … We lost OLIVER!



I am so so so sad!

Our Oliver is no longer with us.

I just heard from my daughter that our sweetest ever, darling member of our family had a tragic death. Two dogs attacked him from a fence and dragged him inside their garden. Niki was screaming and ringing the bell unable to open the gate and save him.

I am so so so sad. I lost my Oliver and my daughter had a devastating experience that will haunt her forever.


So so so Sad….

Danger Killer Dogs in N. Erythrea 
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  1. So tragic. I’m really sad too because I know how much you loved that dog and I know what it means loosing a dog you adore. My thoughts are with you. Love, Yanna

  2. OMG Nina I’m in tears…how sad!! Is horrible…how could happen a tragedy as this to this sweet soul! I always enjoy your tender puppy through the photos and I can only imagine the huge loss he left. I have no word..My thoughts and heart are with you and your daughter, Nina. Stay strong!:((((

    1. Thank you, thank you Lilli. Life can be so unfair !!! He was the sweetest dog ever and I can’t get over his tragic death!

  3. I am soo sorry to hear this. I know it’s hard bc this summer a cat belonging to a neighbour but was loved by the whole stret died… I feel so bad for your daughter to have witnessed this…god bless x

  4. Oh Nina I just don’t know what to say! This is so incredibly sad for you and your whole family, especially so for your daughter having to go through that. Nothing can prepare you when it comes to loosing a pet because they are more then pets, they are a member of the family that are irreplaceable. My thought and prayers are with you.

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

    1. Oh Daniella! Thank you so much … and I feel so guilty I am in London now… I wanted to be with her … terrible what she went through!

  5. oh Nina,

    That is horrible news. I am heartbroken. Seeing Oliver was my favorite part of your blog. My dog and I were attacked by two German Shepherds a few years ago. It was a terrifying experience. Luckily she was unharmed although shaken up. I ended up with bites and bruises and had to go to the emergency room for treatment. I would never wish this experience on anyone. I feel so bad for your daughter. I hope she will be ok.

    1. Oh thank you so much for your message. My daughter is devastated it was her first dog and she adored him. I hope she will feel better soon. We are all so so so sad.

  6. Oh Nina, I cried after reading your story! It’s like a bad dream. 🙁 I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. Seeing sweet Oliver in your photos never failed to put a smile on my face. He will be missed terribly. Courage!

  7. Oh my gosh… I am so sorry for your loss. I just do not know what I would do if I had to experience that with my little Niles. I am sending good vibes your way… and many kisses 🙁


  8. How devastating. My hearts goes out to you and especially your daughter who tried her best to stop it. I hope the owners of the vicious dogs are paying for the consequences of such a violent act. Courage!

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