Quoise Stylish Headbands

Quoise Headbands

I just met online a talented designer that has turned stylish headbands into art. Ashlie Darrel creates amazing headbands since 2011 when she launched Quoise (Koy-‘z like turquoise- her favorite color and mine too :)) which is a unique line of fashion forward accessories. Quoise has been featured on the Wendy Williams Show and is also sold at Henri Bendel. The line is reflective of Ashlie’s unique style and upbringing having been raised in the Washington D.C. area and educated in Europe and Latin America. Ashlie’s work blends her unique brand of worldly elegance with bold boho-chic and romantic details.

Designer Ashlie Darrel

Ashlie first made her mark on the fashion world as a contestant on the CW’s fashion reality television show “Stylista”  for a an editorial position at Elle magazine. Oh! I love fashion blogging, when I saw her on the show, I could never imagine we would be exchanging emails one day. She has just sent me an elegant lace headband in La Jolla but I am in Athens at the moment, so I will have to wait a few more days to wear it.

You can get Quoise headbands here 

 “Courtesy of Quoise “

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