PS- Vacation Essentials: The Spring Colors Printed Jumpsuit

Tendsurvivor Street Style Printed Jumpsuit Gyspy0507

Printed Silk Jumpsuit Gypsy05 (you can find here) | Metal and leather belt Prada (similar here and here) | Cross-body handbag Evelyne Hermes | Leather Jacket Prada | Aviator mirror sunglasses Ray-Ban | Sandals Celine (similar Sam Edelman here and Shoe-Bar here)


Spring Summer vacation essentials include a super cool printed jumpsuit, a cross body messenger stylish handbag, midi heel sandals, mirror sunglasses and a light soft leather jacket.

My new silk printed jumpsuit by Gypsy05 got me jet- set ready for Easter and summer vacation. If you are planning a glamorous getaway then you need to start packing the trendy essentials.

One of the key pieces for this season is a stylish jumpsuit as seen on the runway shows for Spring-Summer 2014 of Diane Von Furstenberg, Balmain and Kenzo.

The all-in-ones are perfect because they seamlessly transition from day to night with a pair of heels. Plus, they offer the sophisticated style of trousers and none of the fuss of coordinating separates. Win Win!

hairstyle braids

Spring colors bird

Spring colors

hairstyle braids

My new vacation hairstyle braids


Earrings coral and turquoise

Tendsurvivor Street Style Printed Jumps

Bracelet stacking on one hand.

I remember the turquiose is a present from my sister Yanna. So, I guess it’s from New Zealand. The jade one is a present from my friend Maria Xanthakos and if I remember correctly the beaded ones are from Oysho. ( You can find similar ones here and here)

Tendsurvivor Street Style Printed Jumpsuit

I am loving the ruffle details of my overall

ruffled jumpsuit Gypsy05

Prada metal and leather belt

Hermes Evelyn

Hermes Evelyne bag

Hermes Evelyn olive trees

Gypsy05 Printed ruffled jumpsuit

Celine sandals and Cavalier King Charles

Celine midi heel Sandals and Spot

Celine sandals

Tendsurvivor Street Style Printed Jumps

Remember, you can always shop at their online shop Gypsy05 and use the promotional code- TRENDSURVIVOR to get a 15% discount on all your purchases. 

I love the eye-catching patterns of the Gypsy05 Hekate Printed Silk Tapered Ruffle Jumper adorned with playful ruffles.

Also, check out the Gypsy05 sale the markdowns are up to 70%  for super cool trans-seasonal clothes.

Best Printed Jumpsuit Edit

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    1. Thank you Carla. My mother gave me the bag as the present just when the jumpsuit arrived. I am in love with the combo…

  1. Great styling, every little detail works together from the bangels&earings&glasses down to the heels&bag and I especially like the hair style, you just look like a happy little spring flower and of course Spot, with that cute little face he is on the right spot too. I love jumpsuits, they are easy and fast to style, a great comfortable piece for hanging out and having fun. I love the pattern and color combo of your jumpy, is great that is silk, it keeps you cool on a hot day. Great post, you look beautiful! Eva:):):)

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