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TrendSurvivor Street Style, ladylike style

Suede Leather Jacket Helmut Lang | Dress Peter Som X Anthropologie | Handbag Celine boy | Lace up sandals by Sante Shoes | Sunglasses Celine

Enough with effortless casual chic, I am in mood for making the extra effort to get the 1950s rejuvenated ladylike style right.

I got this amazing lace and floral print dress Peter Som dress from Anthropologie at Fashion Valley, in San Diego. Shhh at the sales rack… I will not share with you the price because you I will only get angry with me. However, I will tell you to always check the sales at Anthropologie online and at the stores if you live in the USA.

I love this design because it is fitted through the bodice and opens up to a voluminous skirt creating the illusion of a tiny waist.

The secret to getting a youthful, refreshed 1950s look are the accessories. My high heel lace up sandals are from my collaboration with a Greek manufacturer Sante Shoes and the add the a modern twist.

Skater dresses, full skirts and 1950s style can make the perfect trendy party look.

spider web hello spring

Hello Spring

Sante Shoes, ladylike style

Peter Som lace and floral print dress

Love the details and the lace top

Polina Sapouna Ellis evil eye necklace

Polina Sapouna Ellis evil eye necklace

Peter Som Anthropologie lace and floral print dress

Peter SomPeter Som lace and floral print dress

ladylike style,Peter SomPeter Som Anthropologie  lace and floral print dress

TrendSurvivor Street Style 1950s dress updated07

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  1. Gorgeous look. I adore your dress, it’s so pretty and the lace detailing mixed with the print creates a feminine yet edgy contrast and I must say your shoes are beautiful to 🙂

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  2. One of the best styling I saw this spring, everything is perfect especially that big smile with the red lipstick and of course the sandals are in one word, no maybe two HOT&SEXY!!!-Eva:):):)

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