PS (Personal Style)- My Missoni Knit Dress and… Flopsi

Trendsurvivor- Flopsi and Missoni summer dress-0006

My mother got me an amazing Missoni knit dress for my birthday which was back in December. I envisioned myself wearing it to a summer party in a Greek island. A sun-kissed skin was a prerequisite as well as feeling… thin. So, I wore my new dress in Paros and created an Island chic party look mostly with my beach wave hair. I used all the tricks from my beach waves hair tutorial.

I love the shiny green and blue color palette of this Missoni knit dress and the black and white zebra trim. Missoni’s instantly recognisable classics famous colorful knitwear has amazing patterns that range from stripes to geometrics, and abstract florals.

The luxuriously relaxed, bohemian look is perfect for a vacation party outfit. My tiny Chanel white bag completed the look and Flopsi, Georgia’s super cute dog loved posing with me for AF.

Trendsurvivor- Flopsi and Missoni summer dress-0003

Trendsurvivor- Flopsi and Missoni summer dress-0007

Trendsurvivor- Flopsi and Missoni summer dress-0004

Trendsurvivor- Flopsi and Missoni summer dress-0009

Missoni Knit Dress - Chanel Bag- Kessaris Ring- Rolex Milgauss

Trendsurvivor- Flopsi and Missoni summer dress-0016

Trendsurvivor- Flopsi and Missoni summer dress-0012

Trendsurvivor green blue- Missoni Knit Dress

I was wearing:

Missoni Mini Knit Dress

Ring Kessaris

Watch Rolex Milgauss

Ray- Ban mirrored sunglasses

Bag Chanel

Photos © AF

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Have a lovely Day!!!

    1. Thank you Daniella… I love this cute little dog…How can I live without her when I go back home…

  1. Hi Nina! What a lovely gift by your mom! Love the dress and suits you perfectly! Beautiful photos on the beach! Kisses dear! xo

    1. Thank you Lilli! I am lucky my mom has great taste and loves fashion and shopping:)

    1. Haha to thimame otan mou toxes protograpsei ….esi apofasises na deikseis sto blogosphere ta galazia sou matia?? Big kiss

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