PS [Personal Style]- Checked Shirt, Shorts and Metal Leather All Star Sneakers

Trendsurvivor- Checked Shirt and Joie Shorts

You can not go wrong with a long sleeve checked shirt, a pair of shorts and all star sneakers for an effortless casual vacation summer outfit. My checked shirt is from Oysho, they have some cute clothes some times. The blue shorts with the khaki stripe and belt are Joie. I love wearing this sophisticated Southern California inspired casual brand with the understated chic garments. As for the leather Converse all star, I will confess I have three metal leather all star Converse sneakers, two bronze and one silver even though I don’t wear sneakers that often. Anyway, the sunglasses are Dolce and Gabbana from last years collection. I just came back from the beach, took a quick shower and was ready to enjoy the beautiful sunset in Paros. I was obsessed with the colorful mini cactus blossoms in the garden and couldn’t stop taking pictures. I hope you enjoyed my previous post on how to create a mini cactus garden…and will not mind a few more mini cacti pics!

Trendsurvivor- Checked Shirt and Shorts-0005

mini cacti garden

Trendsurvivor- Checked Shirt and Shorts-0002

Trendsurvivor- mini cacti flower

Trendsurvivor- Checked Shirt and Shorts- Metal Leather All Stars

Trendsurvivor- Checked Shirt and Shorts-0000

Metal Bronze Leather converse all stars and FlopsiCactus garden

Trendsurvivor- Checked Shirt and Shorts-Metal Leather All Stars- Dolce Gabbana Sunglasses

I was wearing:

Checked shirt Oysho

Sunglasses Dolce and Gabbana

Joie Shorts

Metal leather All Stars

Watch Rolex

Photos © AF, me

Submitted to ifb project 115– attidude of plaiditude

Have a lovely Day!!!


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