KEA Island | Paisley Print Shirt dress

Tzia (Kea) Paisley Shirt dress04

Oakley frogskins

Sam Edelman bejeweled blue sandals

Lara's veranda Tzia

Tzia (Kea) Paisley Print Shirt dress11

Shhhh I am wearing my daughter’s Niki white and blue paisley shirt dress and she has no idea….

I took it with me to Tzia (Kea) last weekend at my friend Lara’s beautiful house without even asking her. Niki forgot this cotton paisley print shirt dress in her cupboard when she moved to her new house.

I helped myself like she used to do with my clothes in the past!

Payback time… πŸ™‚

She might see it on facebook or on instagram….

That’s where I use to look for my things when I was missing something… Facebook!!!!!

Maybe I will get away with it…. We will see…

I took the dress with me to wear it as a cover up over my swimsuit to the beach but I loved so much, I wore it for dinner in Vourkari, the picturesque port in Kea.

Spot, our baby cavalier, went with us every where!

Shirt dresses are having a moment this summer….

Tzia (Kea) Paisley Shirt dress and cavalier spaniel

Shirtdress Zara old ( similar here and here without sleevesΒ here) Kate Moss Topshop paisley print long blouse (on sale) | Turquiose backpack Prada (past season) exactly the same black Prada backpack and similar Prada in blue | Earrings Banana Republic | bejeweled Sandals Sam Edelman | American Vintage t-shirt dress | Sunglasses Oakley Frogskins

Parsley Print Shirt dress I love … in case Niki finds out…

Photos Β© Lara Purlford, me

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Too funny! Social media leaves behind evidence πŸ™‚ Regardless, the shirtdress looks lovely on you, works so well with that beautiful view you have there. Those sandals too are absolutely gorgeous…I have sandal envy! xo-Elaine

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