PS- Mary Katrantzou dress for THE OUTNET 5 Party

Dallas Mary Katrantzou dress

What I would wear to the 5th birthday party of THE OUTNET was a no brainer, a Mary Katrantzou dress was the perfect choice. She is no doubt the most talented Greek designer ever. I bought this incredible digital print silk taffeta dress in Athens and wore it with Yves Saint Laurent tribute sandals and a tiny Chanel white bag.



Gorjana necklace

Gorjana Taner necklace | Mary Katrantzou dress

Celine Sunglasses

Celine Audrey Cats Eyes Sunglasses

Mary Katrantzou YSL

Mary Katrantzou party silk dress

Dress Mary Katrantzou | Bracelet Polina Sapouna Ellis | Watch Rolex Datejust

You can shop my look either by clicking on the images above or the + signs below. You will be redirected to the most amazing online stores. Please, note that when my garments are from past seasons I try to find similar items.

Yves Saint Laurent Tribute

Outnet party Mary Katrantzou

The amazing party was at the largest garden patio in Dallas, Saint Ann Restaurant & Bar. It is located next to Saint Ann Court, the historic St. Ann’s School built in 1927, which was preserved and converted into a restaurant and bar surrounded by gardens and art.

All the rewardStyle publishers looked amazing but Amber (Venz) my new girl crush was exceptional. Baxter, her fiancé and partner in rewardStyle must be very proud.

In an interview to Amber explains: RewardStyle provides fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers with relevant product links for whatever products they have decided to talk about, feature or wear. These links allow bloggers to get paid online the same way personal shoppers do offline.

In another interview with RewardStyle took off before we opened our first office. We are one of the only new propositions where the goals of all parties are aligned: retailers only pay when publishers drive sales; publishers are compensated at scale for their influence and rewardStyle only generates revenue when our publishers drive sales to our retailers. It is a win, win, win.

Amber Venz The Outnet party rewardStyle Dallas shorts

Amber Venz The Outnet party rewardStyle Dallas01

Amber Venz The Outnet party rewardStyle Dallas02

Photos © Shana  (Ain’t No Mom Jeans), Steven Schopp (GiGi New York), me (Trend Survivor)

Did you hear about THE OUTNET BIRTHDAY 5 COLLECTION? Stay tuned my favorites are coming up next.

Have a lovely Day!!!


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