PS Gold Headpiece- My WOW Factor at The Kate Spade Party

Gold headpiece Polina Sapouna Ellis

The WOW factor of the outfit I wore at the Kate Spade Happy Hour event at “The Eye” in Dallas was the minimal gold headpiece Niki is wearing in the pic above by talented Greek designer Polina Sapouna Ellis. It was so much fun dressing up for the events at the rewardStyle conference. My record was four outfit changes in a single day. Now you have seen three from day one. 🙂

Polina Sapouna-Ellis is an archaeologist by training, with a Doctorate in Classical Archaeology from the University of Heidelberg in Germany who turned into an amazing jewelry designer. Her work is influenced by the Greek ancient art.

I almost never take off her rose gold evil eye charm.

I matched her gold headpiece with a white silk Phillip Lim dress and Manolo Blahnik classic pumps.

Polina Sapouna Ellis Headpiece white Phillip Lim dress

Gold headpiece Polina Sapouna Ellis | Silk white dress Phillip Lim | Purple Manolo Blahnik shoes  | Valentino rockstud handbag

Important Note: I am wearing a Spanx nude bodysuit called Slim Cognito® Shape-Suit under the white silk dress… Not very sexy, I know, but it works miracles!

Kate Spade party Valentino bag

Kate Spade party Dallas Eye

reward style team Dallas

Fun time late night shopping after the party with the rewardStyle team at the TENOVERSIX, the super cool store. Millyena, Jesson, Fiona (Spotding) , Monamali

Have a lovely Day!!!


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