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Cara Delevigne  pretty eyebrows

Check out 7 pro secrets for pretty eyebrows, plus, makeup artist’s Lisa Eldridge eyebrow routine because trust me, they can have a dramatic impact on your overall look. Your eyebrows are one of your most important assets because they structure the proportion of your face and frame your eyes.

My look has changed dramatically ever since I stopped experimenting and used some professional advice.

A strong brow adds to the balance and dimension to your face.

Read the pretty eyebrows secrets to instantly lift your features and take years off you!

1. If your not sure about heading out and buying new products you can try using an eye shadow you have that is close to your hair color.

2. To maintain perfect eyebrows at home remember, a lighter eyeshadow or pencil is always better than darker!

3. Avoid too high of an arch, especially when on the thinner side as this can look severe and ageing.

4. Use the right eyebrow products to define and further the strength of  them.

5. Ideally, explains celebrity artist  Joey Healy, your eyebrows should start at the base of your nose. The should end at the corner of the eye and the brow arch should be about two-thirds from the tail end. Try to shape or paint them accordingly for a perfect look.

6. Prefer tweezing over waxing or threading because it’s more precise.

7. Use eyebrow mascara to tame them.

Famous Celebrities with iconic eyebrows

Famous eyebrows Sophia Loren, Mr. Spock, Frida Kahlo

Watch Lisa’s Eldridge routine for pretty eyebrows


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