Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas | 3D Chain Braid Tutorial (Video)

Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas | 3D Chain Braid Tutorial Donna Karan


I love chic and unique Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas, especially now that my hair is long.

The 3D Chain braid was one of the best braided hairstyles at New York Fashion week.

The cool trend started by Donna Karan however if you want to see more of the SS2015 hairstyles trends with backstage photos check out this amazing Vogue article.

Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas | 3D Chain Braid Tutorial 03

Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas – Instructions for the  3D Chain Braid

All you need is 2 clear hair elastics, basic hair styling products and long hair….

I am considering of using my hair extensions I used in this braided hairstyle.

1. Start by splitting your ponytail into 4 equal sections and hold them in your left hand with your palm up.

2. Then with your right hand, pick up the 2nd and 4th sections to become the new 1st & 2nd sections, then flip the 1st and 3rd sections to become the 3rd and 4th sections.

3. You then repeat the same process from hand to hand. Pick up section 2 and place it between your thumb & forefinger on your left hand and then place section 4 between your forefinger and middle finger.

4. Then section 1 goes between your middle finger and ring finger and section 3 goes between your ring finger and little finger.

5. Continue the same technique, picking up sections 2 and 4, then flip your hand over to place sections 1 and 3 in the opposite hand.

6. Secure the end of your braid with a small clear elastic and stretch it out gently to emphasize the shape of the braid.

7. Use hair spray for a shinny effect.

Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas | 3D Chain Braid Tutorial

Photos- hairromance.com

Illustration- Brooke Hagel


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