Poliaigos Unspoiled Scenery- Aegean Turquoise Sea

Poliaigos, Cyclades, Greece

A dream came true!  Have you seen a turquoise colored sea? Poliaigos, a peaceful uninhabited island in the Mediterranean sea, has a very special shade of blue sea that will  haunt me forever. A number of rare and endangered animals live here, some of which live almost nowhere else, including a viper, a falcon species and various birds. The amazing unspoiled scenery and the beautiful beaches are only accessible by a private boat but where there’s a will there’s a way !!! I am wearing an Etro blue and white bikini, a black Juicy Couture hat with a bow in the back and my favorite Korres 50SPF sunscreen with organic edible yoghurt. Enjoy the exclusive view…

beach, sea, Poliegos, Cyclades, Greece

Majora, boat, sea, Poliegos, Cyclades, Greece

boat, sea, Poliegos, Cyclades, Greece

nails,boat, sea, Poliegos, Cyclades, Greece

hearts,sea, Poliegos, Cyclades, Greece

Diamond heart Folie Folie

hand, boat, sea, Poliegos, Cyclades, Greece

Etro,swimsuit,sea, Poliegos, Cyclades, Greece

Etro swimming suit

Etro Bikini

bracelets,sea, Poliegos, Cyclades, Greece

boat, Majora, sea, Poliegos, Cyclades, Greece

swimming, profile,sea, Poliegos, Cyclades, Greece

feet, boat, sea, Poliegos, Cyclades, Greece

Blue water Poliegos

boat detail, sea, stainless steal

Beach, swinsuit,sea, Poliegos, Cyclades, Greece

P.S. I have not used a filter, this is the actual color of the sea!

Bikini Etro

Hat Juicy Couture

Sunglasses Chloe

Sunscreen Korres 50SPF with organic edible yoghurt. You can find here

Watch the amazing video of an ancient, Classical times, wreck near the island of Poliaigos released by the Department of Underwater Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture.

 Have a lovely Sunday!!!




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