Picking the Perfect Swim Dress for Your Next Holiday

If you are planning to enjoy some winter sun, you will no doubt need to go out and buy some new swimwear. When you do, I suggest that you try on a swim dress, like this. This slightly unusual style of swimwear is surprisingly comfortable. It is the perfect option if you feel a little self-conscious about your body. Swim dresses can work well if you are planning to travel to somewhere like Qatar, where visitors are asked to dress modestly.

However, there are a few things you need to think about, when deciding which one to buy. They are a little different from a one-piece, so getting the fit right can be a little tricky. But, provided you follow the tips below,  it should be a lot easier to find one that suits you.

Measure yourself first

Before going shopping for any kind of swimwear it makes sense to measure yourself first. Doing so will save you the hassle of having to try on two or three costumes to work out your sizing. This excellent YouTube video explains how to measure yourself for any type of swimming costume. The tip about how to find your true waistline and measure it is particularly useful.

Choose one that flatters your figure

Swim dresses typically cover you up a little more than a one-piece does. But, this does not mean that every one that you try on is going to flatter your figure. In fact, if you choose the wrong cut there is a danger that you can end up drawing attention to the very areas of your body that you feel self-conscious about. Your aim is to choose a cut and style that covers up or draws attention away from those areas.

For example, if you feel you are carrying too much weight around your middle you need to choose a swim dress that makes your waist look narrower. For you a swim dress that gathers the fabric into a central knot just below the bust line would be the ideal choice. The knot draws the eye away from your belly, up to the narrowest point of your body. It also leaves plenty of fabric hanging loosely over the stomach area, which helps to cover up the bulge. You will be surprised by the difference choosing this type of cut can make to how you look.

Practical considerations

The swimwear you choose needs to be practical as well as look good on you. If you want to enjoy some water sports or a game of beach volleyball you will need to make sure you buy something that stays in place properly. It is also wise to double check the quality. Make sure that the fabric springs back quickly when you stretch it. If it does not the chances are that your swim dress will sag horribly after just a few days wear.

What I travel with

If you have enjoyed this article and are wondering what type of swimwear I travel with, you can find out here.

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