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I used to pay a huge amount of money on telephone bills but now I have found some clever ways to cut down on unnecessary costs. Did you know you can save a lot of money by using 0845 numbers or by getting a local sim card wherever you travel? Here are a few things to bear in mind regarding cutting down your telephone expenses.

Phone Bill Savings Tips- When Traveling…

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Don’t you love using Instagram when you travel and hate searching for free wifi? I know, I have been there.  The easiest way to cut down your cell phone bill, except not using it at all, is to get a new line in the country you are visiting.  Those you, who read my post California- La Jolla Travel Tips  here  already know when I am in the USA I use an American sim card. When I am London I have t- mobile phone which is ok. In Melbourne, I got a Vodafone number but I don’t recommend it because they don’t have perfect coverage and I was straggling every time I wanted to upload pics on instagram. Also, I always use the iPnone apps Whatsapp and Viber.

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Phone Bill Savings Tips- Business UK

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Do you know what are 0845 non-geographic numbers? They offer cost saving opportunities for businesses. Telephone charges can take up a substantial amount of your budget, so why not get a cheaper telephone line provider?  With 0845 non-geographic numbers you can save costs with a business phone line even if you a sole trader working from home. The interesting part regarding traveling long term is that you can actually divert all your phone calls to your mobile. 0845 numbers are used by organizations of all sizes to generate more sales, portray a professional image and encourage customer loyalty.

Phone Bill Savings Tips- Home GR

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In Greece at home, I use Tellas and I can call both my sisters for free. Those of you who follow me know I have one sister that lives in London and New Zealand and another that lives in La Jolla, California. I love making clever decisions that save me money? If you have any smart tips, go on tell us…

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    1. I get a sim card wherever I go. In Uk last year I got a phone with some free time for 20 pounds. In Greece also get a sim card. I am using Wind but if you travel to the islands it is better to get cosmote. It has better coverage!

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