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The cutest ever pet accessories for our furry friends! Meet our sweet little girl dog Twinkle and check her stylish holiday wish list!Furry Friend Pet Accessories

Pet Accessories donut dog bed


Twinkle is our sweet little girl! We saw her on the website of a local rescue organization and it was love at first sight. When she arrived at our house for the initial meeting the first thing we saw was her little head sticking out from inside her foster momʼs bag. She was 9 weeks old and 3 lbs. I still remember the look on my younger sonʼs face when he asked if this will be our dog 🙂 We never changed her name because she had already been in three homes, and we thought some stability would be a good thing…

Now almost two years later she is as adorable as ever and very happy with all the new things that we picked for her this week. I love gray so the Fair Isle Fleece bed fits perfectly with our decor and creates a cozy space for her. Since she gets cold my son picked her the gray fleece jacket. Itʼs so practical and easy to put on with the velcro straps. I also love the white porcelain bowl with the orange paw print in the bottom. Itʼs sturdy when she eats and very easy to clean. The ball mason jars are perfect for storing dry food and treats. If Twinkle had a holiday wish list I know that squishy toys would come first and a tennis ball a close second, so thatʼs what we are putting under the tree for her:)

Twinkle dog sleeping bed

dog pet accessories bed

Twinkle's holiday wish list

The cutest ever Pet Accessories

1. Gray Fair Isle Fleece Pet Bed: cozy and stylish
2. Gray Fair Isle Fleece Coat: practical and warm
3. Red and Pink Woven Dog Collar: comfortable and colorful 4. Red and Pink Woven Leash: strong and easy to use
5. Ceramic dog bowl: safe and easy to clean
6. Ball Mason Jars: stylish and simple
7. Sock Monkey Dog Toys: endless fun chewing and playing 8. Rope and Ball Tug Toys: perfect tug toys



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Photos- Ismini H

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