Personalized Gift-giving Ideas for the Holidays

Maybe it’s because today is Sunday, or maybe it’s because invitations have started arriving, I’m feeling the spirit of holiday gift-giving already.

I want to gift my friends and family with presents that will make them feel special.

I know, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the prospect of purchasing or making holiday gifts but the key word is planning ahead….

I have pulled together my top 7 list of Personalized Gift-giving Ideas for the Holidays.

The good thing about my list is it can work for friends, family, men and women.

Top 7 Personalized gift giving ideas for the holidays

1.  Personalized Stationary with caricature portrait

miniature caricature notes

Personalized stationary can be fun. Love the flat notes and calling card with a caricature by

You can also find here

2. You can buy a stamp for $40

personalized stamp

You can order here

3. Personalized notes

personalized notes gift giving ideas for the holidays

Keep notes fun and fresh with five different sizes of pads, each featuring your name in a distinctive font. Price 34$

You can order personalized stationary here

4.  Hello Darling Cards by Kate Spade

hello darling Kate Spade stationary

You can find here

5.  Personalized jewelry

mom bracelets

I did a collaboration with o-necklace a few months back, I got a TrendSurvivor necklace.


If you order your personalized jewelry using TrendSurvivor’s Onecklace Link you can use my promo code-XMAS10 for 10% discount.

6. Personalized Glass

personalized glass

Flea-market finds and dollar-a-glass specials can be transformed with monograms, stripes, and whimsical polka dots. All you need is etching cream (available at craft and art-supply stores), masking tape, and a steady hand to cut a template…. Read more

7. Velvet Ribbon belt

velvet ribbon belt

Add a luxurious touch to any winter outfit with an easy to make belt of velvet ribbon…. Personally, I would use a leather ribbon instead… Read more

P.S. Have you seen Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Christmas 2014 Ad? I was number 7, 864,197 viewer…

Thank you for reading!!!

Have a lovely Day!!!

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