A passion for Blue

A passion for Blue

A passion for Blue04


A passion for Blue

A passion for Blue04
A passion for Blue04
A passion for Blue01

I have a passion for blue! I have a natural inclination to reach out for blue clothes during summer.

I feel light baby blue reminds me of the Mediterranean sea and vibrant blue of the clear Aegean sky!

How can I resist when all shades of blue scream summer?

Of course I wear blue in December and black in August…

…but I have a soft spot for all shades of blue when the weather is warm…

My Passion for Blue Summer Edit

Enough with shopping for coats and boots! I want something I can wear now!

The Mini Blue Dress

The Beauty Accessories

The Maxi Summer Dress

The Stripes


Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. You now have me dreaming of blue too! Great inspiration photos, the beach and sea brings such tranquility and relaxing thoughts…hopefully wearing some blue will do the trick too! xo-Elaine

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