Passage to India Part 2 | Srinagar Kashmir Travel Tips

I still can’t believe I am writing to you about India Srinagar Kashmir Travel Tips. It feels like a dream I was there just a couple of weeks ago.


Kashmir river


Kashmir is a state in northern India, located mostly in the Himalayan mountains, populated by a Muslim majority.

The region is the subject of a territorial conflict among China, India and Pakistan which feels uncomfortable when you visit the place. You can see Indian soldiers everywhere and the controls at the airport are really really strict which is scary and… reassuring at the same time.

The British government still advises against all travel to Kashmir with the exception of the cities of Jammu and Srinagar. We went to Srinagar which lies on the banks of the Jhelum River, a tributary of the Indus, and Dal and Anchar lakes.

The city is called “Venice of the East” and is famous for its valley, beautiful mountainous landscape, gardens, waterfronts and houseboats. It was more beautiful than I except. Not that I really knew what to expect.

With temperatures in Spring rising to +18 Celsius during the day and dropping to -2 Celsius during the night you need clothes you can wear in layers.


Nina Papaioannou Kashmir

Kashmir river



Kashmit temple goats


Best Srinagar Kashmir Travel Tips

Where to stay?

I didn’t believe I would say this but it was worth the experience staying at the houseboats. 

Check out the decor, the “central heating’, the video and you will understand what I mean. The decision is yours…

Houseboats have wifi !!!!


Kashmir houseboats

View Houseboat Kashmir

Houseboat kitch


HouseBoats Video … The definition of Kitsch




What to visit ?

The most impressive magical place we saw were the 400-year-old Mughal Gardens, created by Emperor Jehangir for his wife.

In a famous incident, a Persian Emperor claimed Shalimar Gardens to be a paradise on Earth.

I loved the Persian style of architecture which features include breathtaking pools, fountains and canals inside the gardens. This style was heavily influenced by the Persian gardens particularly the Charbagh structure.


Kashmir India Moghul gardens

Moghul gardens Kashmir

TrendSurvivor Nina Papaioannou Kashmir Moghul gardens 3

Kashmir Moghul

Kashmir garden

Moghul Gardens

Kashmir Garden

Kashmir India gardens


The Jamia Mosque of Srinagar, built by Sultan Sikandar in 1400 AD, is situated in the middle of the old city. It has a magnificent courtyard and 370 wooden pillars!


mosque of Srinagar, TrendSurvivor

mosque of Srinagar

Kashmir mosque in Srinagar courtyard

Gulmarg is apopular skiing destination. According to CNN, Gulmarg is the “heartland of winter sports in India” and was rated as Asia’s seventh best ski destination. It’s like traveling back in time but you have to go to the Himalayas.

The Khyber Hotel Spa by L’Occitane has the most amazing views of the Himalayas from the pool, go for the signature massage (90 mins).


India army forces in Kashmir

Loccitane spa Himalaya Khyber Hotel

Himalaya Nina Papaioannou India

Khyber Hotel


What to buy in Srinagar, Kashmir ?

Kashmiri saffron is very famous and brings the state a handsome amount of foreign exchange.

Shop indigenous crafts like hand-woven silks, Kani and embroidered pashmina shawls.

Hand-painted Papier Mache and Dry Fruits.

Where to shop in Srinagar, Kashmir?

JK Govt Emporium opposite Dal Lake. That is the best place for purchasing Shawls (Kani, Pashmina), Carpets, Walnut Wood Carving, Papier Mache. They sale only genuine products at reasonable price.

You can buy shawls from Shaw & Shaw Shawjee Arts, Munawar Road, M A Najar. They sell genuine Kashmiri Shawls. Be careful, there are so many shops who sells fake Kashmiri shawls which are made in Amritsar.

Images- me & wikipedia

Have a lovely Day!!!

    1. This is true .. it could be an amazing tourist destination but only Indians visit. It has a strange vibe with all that conflict….

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