Party Makeup Ideas- All about Winged Eyeliner

I plan to keep my fantasy of fashion alive by following this season’s hot makeup trend, the winged eyeliner. I often try different makeup styles sometimes I succeed, sometimes I miss but I always have fun!

Have you mastered applying the winged cat eye eyeliner yet? Me neither! I have found, however, all the tricks for applying it precisely. It is obvious, I am obsessed with the ’60s style eyeliner and it is my hot season’s perfect party makeup choice.

For the upcoming Christmas events my lovely makeup artist, Elena, who shares my enthusiasm to try new styles is doing my makeup. She is really good at adapting makeup trends to my face. Wing it out girls 🙂

2013-Spring-Cara-3 Matt Irwin featuring Cara Delevingne for Style via Studded Hearts
Matt Irwin featuring Cara Delevingne for Style via Studded Hearts

History of Winged Eyeliner- Celebrity Fashion Icons

In the 1920s, Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered, introducing the use of eyeliner to the Western world. The 1920s were an era associated with many changes in women’s fashion, and women felt more free to apply makeup more liberally.

In the 1960s, liquid eyeliner was used to create thick black lines around the eyes in the makeup fashion associated with designers like Mary Quant and fashion icons like Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe.

Audrey Hepburn winged eyeliner
Audrey Hepburn

Brigitte Bardot winged eyeliner
Brigitte Bardot

Winged eyeliner-Marilyn-Monroe-
Marilyn Monroe

angelina-jolie-winged eyeliner
Angelina Jolie

Elizabeth Taylor, make up, winged eyeliner
Elizabeth Taylor

kate-moss- sexy for vanity fair
Kate Moss for Vanity Fair 2012 Image here

Instructions for Winged EYELINER application

instructions for winged eyeliner

Shh… This is my third article on eyeliner and I admit, I am still struggling….

Have a lovely Day!!!

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful makeup inspiration, I always loved how a winged eyeliner looks but found it difficult to get perfectly in precision.

    1. Haha, me too, Sam. If you have somebody who can help you… show my post! 🙂

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